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Cats Cradle, 2016

Multi-channel HD video, textiles, mixed media. First shown at Interlude Gallery, August 2016.




A man wrestles a crow on a flat red ground: we're reminded of a famous dead Frenchman's painting of Breton women, after a sermon, collectively hallucinating a biblical gentleman wrestling a supernatural being. 


We are all made of stuff we would rather forget, on every plane of our personal and collective lives. In the most solitary corners of our psyches, in the convoluted strands of our tangled family histories, in the shapes cast by the spaces between us in our intimate relationships, in the sticky morass of our culture's sinful past; as we tell our stories, we edit our multitudes to allow a cohesive and bearable narrative to take shape. 


CATS CRADLE FEVER DREAM is a dense, spooky game of shifting string figures, where every pass of the grubby string reveals another aspect of a fractured, circular story of struggle and love. 





Cats Cradle, an excerpt.

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